Couch to 5k

Week 9 Run 3 I'll look on this run as being three in one: first run following recovery from my calf injury last week; first attempt/experiment in slow pace running; and C25k "Graduation" Run! The slower pace was entirely in response to the injury: the leg felt fine to walk on, across fields and up… Continue reading Couch to 5k

Hodson Henz

Choose your interests?

I've not found the Reader facility on the WP app much good. It seems no matter what search terms I put in, I see the same blogs most of which I follow*. When I think of the times WP boasts of hosting 3 billion blogs, I wonder why new ones are elusive. I've long suspected… Continue reading Choose your interests?

Hodson Henz

Worth a mention…?

Couch to 5k (supplementary report) In the last instalment of C25k posts, I told of a pain in my calf muscle towards the end of the penultimate run of the programme. It seems you can confuse a torn muscle with cramp, the significant symptomatic difference being that cramp pain doesn't last beyond a day; so… Continue reading Worth a mention…?