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Sunday’s Wrap: toolbox tips, the news, & a joy of kindle

Dremel: man’s best friend “no Dremel? most illogical.” ...and I dare say a woman’s too. Do you think ‘Dremel’ would make a fine name for a pet dog? I’m really speaking of the powered hand-tool bearing that brand. I’ve had mine for decades; I can’t recall now how it came into my possession - possibly… Continue reading Sunday’s Wrap: toolbox tips, the news, & a joy of kindle

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That Midweek Feeling: browsers & books

Peep hole “for the want of technology, I could make me own ‘ole” It’s funny but there seems to be something amiss with the technical process at Medium, a hole in the paywall. Using a particular browser, it doesn’t recognise how many times I’ve visited and so allows me in. The way things are supposed… Continue reading That Midweek Feeling: browsers & books

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Sunday’s Wrap: Reads, Edits & PIs

A novel funny lady I haven’t seen the drama Wolf Hall, only a few brief clips and it looked sombre and tragic, but I have picked up Hilary Mantel’s second book in the trilogy, Bring Up The Bodies, for 99p. I’ll wait and see if there’s an offer on the book, Wolf Hall; I don’t… Continue reading Sunday’s Wrap: Reads, Edits & PIs

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That Midweek Feeling: Greener

Green white goods late 60s recycling collection Despite the lockdown with Covid cases causing the council to suspend its garden waste recycling service, the collecting of old white goods is still in operation. We have a redundant fridge and a cooker to be rid of. The reason may be that this service has been passed… Continue reading That Midweek Feeling: Greener

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Sunday’s Wrap: Cnut, perfectionism, and video wall

Unless something significant happens, or occurs to me, I’ll try posting a roundup twice a week: Midweek and Sundays. Early In The Morning, about once or twice a week “Boil me some kettles, Olaf; this water’s feeling a bit tepid!” Notifications about new followers to my blog, Early In The Morning, are still coming albeit… Continue reading Sunday’s Wrap: Cnut, perfectionism, and video wall